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Portugal - Algarve by Diskwizz

Portugal - Algarve - Tourism Overview

Portugal - Algarve - Tourism OverviewIt was not until the 13th century that the Portuguese finally secured the region against subsequent Moorish attempts to recapture the area. There are Algarve-based English-written publications and newspapers specifically addressed to this community. The Portugal News being the most popular. Faro, which the Christian residents had called Santa Maria, was renamed Faraon, which means "the settlement of the Knights". The Romans in the 2nd century BC spread through the Iberian Peninsula, and many Roman ruins can still be seen in the region, notably in Lagos. When the Moors conquered Lagos in 716 it was called Zawaia.


Manuel de Godoy - Portugal - Algarve - Tourism OverviewIn 1807, when Junot was leading the first Napoleonic invasion in the north of Portugal, the Algarve was occupied by the Spanish troops of Manuel de Godoy. Over the past few years many tourists visiting the Algarve have moved away from the resorts, and have chosen the comfort of a traditional Algarve guesthouse, many of these run by ex-pats from England, Holland, and Germany who have escaped to the Algarve for a quieter life. The Carthaginians founded Portus Hanibalis which is known today as Portimão in circa 550 BC. The coastline is notable for picturesque limestone caves and grottoes, particularly around Lagos, which are accessible by powerboat. The length of the south-facing coastline is approximately 155 kilometres.



Many years ago, to reflect the Algarve's unique status, Portuguese monarchs were known as "King of Portugal and The Algarves". Praia da Marinha, Lagoa was classified as one of the 100 most beautiful and well preserved beaches of the world. With more hours of sunshine than California and only short periods of rainfall, generally between November and March, the Algarve has the perfect weather and climate for tourism. Tourism plays an important role in the economy of the Algarve region. The region's administrative centre is the city of Faro, which has its own international airport (Faro Airport) and public university (University of the Algarve).

The Algarve region is divided into 16 municipalities:

Medronho (Arbutus unedo or Strawberry Tree) - Portugal - Algarve - Tourism OverviewIn addition to the natural beauties and plenty of beaches, the Algarve has invested in the creation of a network of golf courses. Algarve's mild climate attracts interest from Northern Europeans wishing to have a holiday home or residence on the region. The Algarve is hilly, but traversed with rich valleys. Traditional agricultural products of the region include fig, almond, medronho (Arbutus unedo or Strawberry Tree), carob beans, and cork oak.

The Algarve is the home of the Ria Formosa lagoon, a nature reserve of over 170 square kilometres and a stopping place for hundreds of different birds. In March 2007, the Minister of Economy, Manuel Pinho, announced the creation of the "Algarve" brand, as a part of a strategic promotion of Algarve as a tourism destination for foreign citizens. The Phoenicians had established trading ports along the coast circa 1000 BC. The Algarve is hilly, but traversed with rich valleys. Its highest point is the mountain range of Monchique, with a maximum altitude of 906m.

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Diskwizz is the owner of more than 12 sites websites that cover the Algarve and its regions within the Algarve.

On moving to the Algarve in 2006 I decided to settle in an area called Praia Da Rocha. This is just outside the large town of Portimao and in between Portimão and Alvor.

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Vasco da Gama - Portugal - Algarve - Tourism Overview

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