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Luggage Restrictions by Maxine Greco

Luggage Restrictions - Luggage Sets - Piggyback Luggage

Luggage Restrictions - Luggage Sets - Piggyback LuggageWith the new airline luggage restrictions on the amount of weight you can pack in your luggage, passengers are taking smaller suitcases. Of course, they are also taking more and more of these smaller sized luggage cases. There's a way to handle this that is convenient and easy, even if you are traveling by yourself. Luggage that "piggybacks" with the other suitcases makes it handy to take more than one case. You can actually wheel the cases together with one hand. The tote or your personal bag can also ride along on top so you are basically wheeling everything and carrying nothing. One of the brands of luggage that does this well is Prolite luggage by Coronado. The cases are very lightweight luggage to start. They are equipped with inline skate wheels that can handle the weight of piggybacking another case and your tote also. The larger sized case will go in back, the smaller case in front, and your tote bag slides over the handle of the larger case, so it is securely attached. If you're also carrying a briefcase or laptop case, they can also be piggybacked in the front of the smaller suitcase. Try it; it's really easy and works wonderfully when traveling. You can carry smaller cases and not be charged for a larger overweight suitcase. However, you'll still be able to bring along everything you need because the two smaller cases will carry as much or more than one larger case. The 27" case can carry the 24" or 22" case in front. There's also a rolling garment bag that can be carried in front of the larger 27” case. You can even piggyback the three sizes together and form a "train" behind you.


Luggage Restrictions - Luggage Sets - Piggyback LuggageMosaic luggage is another brand that makes piggybacking easy. This luggage is best in class and looks beautiful as well as being practical when traveling. You will not find better looking or more elegant discount luggage! The pull-up handles have leather trim, along with leather trim on each suitcase. The Mosaic luggage also allows you to personalize your initials along the bottom of the case for easy and fast identification. Mosaic luggage also comes complete with travel shields that not only help to identify your luggage, but also will protect everything. These travel shields are extra protection while experiencing harsh weather or travel conditions. Mosaic luggage also has a very handy wheeled tote that you can easily wheel aboard the airplane. It will also slide over the top of the largest suitcase you're traveling with for ease in transport once you get to the luggage carousel. Smaller suitcases can piggyback with the larger one, so you're set to wheel out to public transportation or your own transportation. The wheels and handle are built to easily handle the weight you’re carrying and they will glide easily wherever you are going. There's no reason to struggle when traveling, or to search for a luggage cart that may or may not be available or readily accessible. We all know that there is fewer and fewer bellman available to assist you with your luggage. This luggage is designed to make your trip comfortable and let you handle the wheel system even if you are traveling alone. It's available in the comfortable expandable 27" size as well as the expandable 24" and the 22" carryon size.



Of course for women traveling and wanting to make a fashion statement, there's Vera Bradley luggage. These are available in the fashion colours of Mesa Red and Java blue as well as the Signature Black. The oversized 26" case can be piggybacked with the rolling duffel or 22" or 19" carryon size. The rolling tote is also designed to slide over the top handle of the larger piece. This luggage can easily be spotted as the bright colours stand out at any luggage carousel. The luggage has two compartments for ease in packing and can nicely hold all of your travel accessories as well as many changes of clothing. Although the pieces resemble the handbag line, this luggage is built for travel out of a stronger, Teflon coated fabric. The wheels and handle are built to take the weight of piggybacking together and the Vera Bradley luggage is very convenient and attractive to for travel.

Executives and frequent flyers have known the advantage of Tumi luggage for years. This luggage is built for endurance and can easily piggyback everything you need to carry. The brand is popular as corporate gifts and can be monogrammed with a company name or logo. The Tumi briefcase will also fit over the pull-up handle for ease in manoeuvring around airports and train terminals. Their wheels are designed for traveling and will follow easily behind or in front of you. Piggyback your way to your destination and remember to check with the airline you’re flying with and stay easily within their weight restrictions.

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Maxine Greco has been in the luggage and travel business for over 38 years. She is currently working at Village Luggage and Gifts

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