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About and other notes

This website is owned and operated by partners Jean and Graham Beven. We hope the magazine will inspire you to travel more. Pack your suitcase and go!

Please be aware that timings, personalities, publications and third party websites may change so our advice is to double check before go. We regret that we cannot guarantee complete accuracy and we accept no liability for disappointment, loss, damage caused by reliance upon our information supplied.

In the UK to obtain the location of a Tourist Information Centre just text TIC LOCATE to 64118.

When choosing accommodation using the star * or diamond rating system you can expect: * Acceptable, ** Good, *** Very Good, **** Excellent and ***** Exceptional.

Copyright of all content is the intellectual property of the respective copyright holders.

We permit the use of our copyright images see: our free image resource.


As a couple we have been travelling at home and abroad with a combined experience of over 100 years!

Our tenet is:

Five 'P's - Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

To avoid disappointment, book tickets early through a licenced ABTA or ATOL travel agent.

Always take out adequate travel / health insurance through a reputable supplier.

Check whether you require a visa, as some countries that you would imagine to allow entry without one don't!

Make sure travel documents are valid and have your name on them, with correct spellings.

Take enough of your prescription drugs with you to last the duration of your trip and take a copy of your prescription with you.

Always get to the point of departure early.

Don't drink any alcohol before your departure.

Do keep your baggage within sight at all times.

Carry some small US Dollar bills as in some countries if you pay for entrance fees / camera permits the dollar price is (a lot) lower than the local equivalent.

Buy small denomination local currency from a UK no-commission outlet like the Post Office before you travel.

An International Driving Permit (IDP) allows you to drive a private motor vehicle overseas when accompanied by a valid UK driving licence. If you are thinking of hiring a vehicle overseas outside the EU, obtain an international driving permit.



Other Important Information

Dress Codes

Some hotels have dress codes. Shorts, beachwear, flip-flops may not be acceptable in certain areas, like restaurants and certain bars. A jacket and / or tie may be required. Formal dress is often required for gala dinners.

Health and Safety

Inoculations may be needed for certain countries or areasIt is important to remember that hygiene and safety standards in some countries, particularly destinations that are developing a new tourist industry or has no tourism infrastructure, may be considerably lower than the UK, which has some of the highest health and safety standards in the world.

Care should be taken to minimise the risk of holiday travel sickness. Many times alcohol, heat and humidity plus different foods can cause minor upsets.

ABTA travel agents carry a leaflet 'Advice on Health for Travellers' and your GP or Practice Nurse should be able to provide up-to-date health advice on jabs, but they should be consulted well before travelling, say 12 weeks (3 months).


TMUK apologise for the repetition of some place or proper names with different
spellings, but where this happens there is either no definitive spelling translation
of these words or the place is known by different names by different peoples.

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