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Djerba, Tunisia

Djerba Holidays - Jerba Climate
- Jarbah Jews - Girba

Djerba Tunisia Holidays - Jerba Climate - Jarbah Jews - Girba

Djerba is, at just over 500km², the largest island off North Africa, located in the Gulf of Gabes on the coast of Tunisia.

We have been to Djerba once and found the climate to be mild.

Djerba's largest city is Houmt-Souk, with a population of around 60,000, home to a large souk, Kebir FortDjerba's largest city is Houmt-Souk, with a population of around 60,000, home to a large souk, Kebir Fort and the local history museum.

Djerba is now a popular tourist destination, particularly for French, German, Italian and Czech tourists but the British are comming! It is one of the few remaining places in Tunisia where a Berber language is still spoken.

We took an excursion around the island visiting: Houmt-Souk meaning literally: "The Market neighborhood", the main town of the island of Djerba - The El Ghriba synagogue, which is the oldest and one of the most famous synagogues in the world - Djerba Fort, 'Bordj el Kebir' the largest fort on the island.

Houmt Souk Museum of arts and traditions popular, on Avenue Habib Bourguiba*, presents a panorama of Djerba history. Installed in old a zaouïa, an Islamic religious school or monastery, built at the end of the 18th century, not far from the "Mosque from Abroad", it is possible to discover the folklore of Djerba island, its traditions and its economy. Displays of jewels and coloured glass, pottery, weaving looms, and the traditional costumes of various social groups, kitchen utensils, one workshop of pottery, and jars which were used to preserve foodstuffs such as barley, sorghum, olive oil or dried meat. These earthenware jars bear different names - sefri , khabia' ' , tass' ' or zir - and their opening depends on the intended products to be preserved there.

*Habib Bourguiba -
1st President of Tunisia from July 25, 1957 to November 7, 1987

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